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Brianna ~ Vocals


Brianna Eckenrod has loved performing since she was a little kid, and has always been involved in school plays and talent shows. She joined the band in 2015 after singing at a PB Elementary talent show. She has been influenced by a variety of blues artists. Singing has always been a passion of Brianna’s and she doesn’t plan on stopping!  Brianna is a senior at Mission Bay High and part of the elite Mission Bay's premier jazz ensemble.  This exciting group of young professionals has performed across the globe!


Evan ~ Guitar, Vocals


Evan Sandler attends UC Davis and is studying Digital Media & Cinema.  An avid street skater, Evan has been playing guitar with Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Frostie/The Go Heads since 3rd grade and has seen its progress firsthand, working alongside with his dad, Dave Sandler, who has acted as the band’s dedicated manager from the band’s inception.  Evan is currently writing, performing and busking up in Davis and studying the roots & origins of modern music. 


Drew ~ Drums

Drew Tolley has been the Go Heads drum machine since he was 9. He's currently attending Chico State and plays drums for Sweet Release & other local projects.  He enjoys being outdoors & spending time with friends.  He also knows a thing or two about playing trumpet.  


Noah ~ Guitar, Vocals


Noah "The Flying Aardvark" Kapchinske has been playing guitar with The Go Heads since 3rd grade.  He loves roots music and has studied with Delta Blues legend, Robin Henkel.  In addition to playing with The Go Heads, Noah leads the San Diego honky-tonk band, The Sea Monks.  He is currently studying physics at San Diego State University.


Kory ~ Bass Guitar

Kory Watson was born and raised in Pacific Beach, CA. He loves classic rock, including The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd. He has studied clarinet, bass guitar, and plays tenor saxophone When he’s not playing music, you might find Kory skateboarding around PB or grabbing a bite to eat at Los Dos with friends. Other pastimes include surfing, taking his dog Leo for a walk while he bikes to the beach, and enjoying his SoCal lifestyle.  Kory is a certified San Diego County Lifeguard and will soon join Evan up in the Davis area.

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